Behind the Cover Video: Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

Something happens when you put a group of curly-haired women together in the same room. Happiness abounds. Curl stories are shared. And everyone starts walking a little taller, a little prouder. “For years curly-haired women were ignored. For years they weren’t the standard of beauty. Now, they’re being embraced. When stylists show curly-haired women that they love, appreciate and truly understand their hair texture, confidence really starts to blossom,” says Chadwick Pendley, Ouidad Curl Expert and Master Artistic Educator. We saw that “blossoming” first hand with our cover model, Madisin Bradley. As hairstylist Lauren Moser, a NAHA Texture Winner, ran her fingers thorough Madisin’s afro, she gushed, “Oh, I love this hair type. All that body, see how it stays right where I want it. You can’t do that with straight hair. Give me Z-pattern hair any day of the week.” The look on Madisin’s face was priceless. Pendley was right. She stood a little taller, she smiled a little broader, and on set—let’s just say she worked it like the rent was due. All of our models felt this “curl euphoria.” When Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” blared on the speakers, one of our models sang along—laughing as she replaced the word  “girls” with “curls.” The mood was so high, that when fashion stylist Nick Nelson displayed rows of wacky 1960s sunglasses, the crew couldn’t help but try them on, hamming it up in front of the camera. Maybe our on-set songstress was right. Note to Beyoncé: Who run the world? Curls!


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