How Haircolor Trends Have Shifted Since the Pandemic

(Getty Images)

The pandemic has changed so many parts of life, including people's relationship with haircolor. R+Co Collective member and color expert Richy Kandasamy says he has been seeing more bold colors and pastel hues the past few months. 

“A lot of my clients have been experimenting a lot with color since the pandemic," he says. "I have been doing a lot of pastel colors and even bolder placement of color. Since clients are not going to the office, they have less fear. I’ve also seen a lot of new color-virgin clients. They have been exposed to so much color on social media, that now they feel like they need to join the color trends.” 


Of course, with these more high-maintenance hues, at-home care is of utmost importance.

“My new luxury color regime for my color clients consists of the R+Co BLEU Primary Color Shampoo and Conditioner twice a week, followed by the R+Co BLEU Primary Color Masque once a week," he says.