These Shears Take The Pain Out Of Cutting Hair

One of the most important (yet overlooked) career skills for hairstylists is knowing how to avoid carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries common to those working behind the chair. Choosing ergonomically correct tools is a major part of that skill set.

Industry legend Sam Villa — global artistic ambassador for Redken, and co-founder of the Sam Villa brand of educational products and pro tools — learned this the hard way.

After suffering hand and wrist pain, he found that cutting with traditional shears forces the thumb to move in an unnatural position across the palm toward the ring finger, straining the thumb tendon. Traditional shears also require stylists to raise their elbow while cutting, putting pressure on the neck and shoulders. 

Villa consulted with a doctor to create ergonomically correct shears designed to reduce and eliminate pain. Sam Villa Shears have a forward-set thumb position that keeps the thumb in its natural alignment and lets the elbow relax while cutting. 

“These are like a pair of Louis Vuittons," Villa says. "They may take a week to get used to, but after that you’re performing at a higher level.” (Here, Villa explains the difference between traditional and Sam Villa shears.) 

Villa designed the shears not only to provide comfort and avoid injury behind the chair, but to increase precision and control. The 100 percent Japanese steel and handcrafted convex blades glide smoothly though wet or dry hair and stay sharper longer. The dual finger tang stabilizes the top blade, allowing a stylist to cut straighter, more precise lines using just the thumb blade.

Find out more about Sam Villa Signature, Essential, Streamline and Classic Series Shears here.


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