Oribe Introduces New Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque

Oribe is expanding its Hair Alchemy Collection—created for fragile, breakage-prone strands—with the introduction of the new Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque. This buttery soft treatment masque deeply conditions while fortifying hair from the inside out and is specially designed for those with inherently weak strands of all hair types. The intensely hydrating formula restores elasticity to brittle locks and prevents breakage, allowing hair to grow longer, stronger and lustrously healthy.

Clinical results show a 3x reduction in breakage after just one use. (This is due to an increase in hair elasticity and it is based on a clinical test of Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque and Fortifying Treatment Serum vs non-conditioning shampoo.)

“Hair strength is such a big consumer concern,” says Michele Burgess, executive director of global product development at Oribe Hair Care. “People can have inherently weak hair, but outside factors such as brushing, styling and chemical processing can also contribute to breakage over time. Our intention with this new masque is to help those with more dehydrated, breakage-prone hair strengthen strands from the inside out.”

The silicone-free formula taps into nature’s apothecary, blending ancient superfoods and phyto-technology to renew strands. Moisture-magnifying shea butter and yacón root quench and nourish weak hair, while our Curative Blend (made up of chia seed—named for the Mayan word for strength—plant-based protein and bio-fermented bamboo leaf) penetrates the hair cortex to form a protective scaffold around each strand to prevent breakage.

The Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque can be used as a daily intensive conditioner for those with highly textured or especially parched locks, or once a week on finer strands to treat brittle hair. After shampooing with Hair Alchemy Resilience Shampoo, massage in masque, indulge (for at least one minute), rinse. For best results, comb through strands after applying the masque to ensure all product is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

Deeply conditions and leaves hair ultra-soft.

  • Improves hair’s structural integrity by reinforcing and strengthening fragile strands from the inside out.
  • Encourages length over time by preventing breakage and increasing hair’s elasticity.
  • Silicone-free formula suitable for use on all hair types.

Key Ingredients

Curative Blend (Chia Seed, Bio-Fermented Bamboo Leaf and Plant-Based Protein) penetrates the hair cortex to build strength from within while forming a protective scaffold around strands to reinforce cuticle strength and structure and prevent breakage caused by brushing, styling and external aggressors. 

  • Castor Seed Oil seals and protects the hair’s outer cuticle to lock in moisture and impart reflective shine. 
  • Cold-Pressed Yacón Root Juice nourishes and strengthens fragile hair, protecting against breakage and encouraging length. 
  • Shea Butter deeply conditions and instantly detangles while softening and revitalizing brittle hair.