Steps One Salon Is Taking to Protect Against Coronavirus Spread

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While we are keeping a good eye on the movement of the Coronavirus through the media, being mindful of our daily habits can be harder to track.

In this amazing industry, human interaction and touch is paramount to the experiences we provide for all of the beautiful souls that walk through our salon doors. And, like many careers that involve close and intimate human contact, we find ourselves at risk for potential contagion.

Here are some of the steps we are taking at Fiore Hair Salon to protect ourselves from the potential spread.


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We are keeping open communication with our stylists and our guests. Very early on, we sent out emails and utilized social media to request that our guests stay home if they were feeling under the weather. Our stylists also made a commitment to stay home if they are showing signs and symptoms. While we know how hard it is to stay away from the salon and miss out on income, taking care of yourselves and cutting out the potential for passing on illness in the short term, will lead to a happier and healthier salon in the future.


We are doing our very best to maintain the utmost sanitation practices including but not limited to:

I am not a physician but another conversation that I like to have with my guests is that of immunity. Sometimes we spend so much time and money on quick fixes to build-up our immune systems when really more is required. Per any flu season, your best defense is to overall protect your health with energy-boosting, health-supporting foods, in addition to drinking plenty of water, getting good sleep and exercise.

Wishing you great health and great hair!

  • Sanitizing all surfaces that are touched regularly daily multiple times a day (light switches, handles, arm chairs, pens, keyboards, phones, personal cellphones, dial pads, all bathroom surfaces and handles.
  • Each stylist has their own set of hand wipes at their station.
  • There are signs throughout the salon that serve as reminders to avoid touching your face and continually wash your hands.
  • Keep hand sanitizer at the front desk