Typecasting: Classic Curls

Curl Profile  Classic curls have a consistent, even curl. “The curl’s S-formation fits in a space from two and a half, to one and a half inches,” says Chadwick Pendley, Ouidad Curl Expert and Master Artistic Educator. “Classic curls need moisture, but not as readily as tight or kinky curls. Look for nourishing but light-weight moisturizers.” When classic curls are replenished with the right amount of moisture, the curl pattern becomes very defined and is extremely versatile. “You can create outward volume with stacked out smaller curls, or you can make a beautiful cascading wave,” says Pendley.

 Curl Pitfalls  Classic curls—when not properly cut and cared for—have a tendency to form the dreaded pyramid shape. “When sebum is trapped at the scalp and ends are dehydrated, you get flatness at the top and jetting out at the sides—or, as I like to call it, an awful Christmas tree triangle,” says Pendley. Balance the hydration levels, trim the ends and you’ll get a consistent curl pattern. As for a classic curl cut: Use Ouidad’s Carving Technique to help classic curls cascade and puzzle downward, as opposed to outward. “Carving helps remove the bulk, giving classic curls a more organized, polished look,” says Pendley. “Then use the Ouidad Sliding Gradation Technique to remove corners that create triangle formations.”



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Ouidad VitalCurl Clear & Gentle Shampoo balances the natural moisture levels on a classic curl. “It refreshes the scalp, removing trapped sebum so curls won’t lay flat on the head,” says Pendley. It also has jojoba oil that hydrates the hair shaft and ends, sealing the cuticle for frizz-free curls.
Ouidad VitalCurl Balancing Rinse Conditioner hydrates classic curls internally. “It’s the perfect amount of moisture,” says Pendley. “The hair is nourished with light conditioners—which cuts down frizz, making the curl pattern even.”
Ouidad VitalCurl Define & Shine Styling Gel-Cream gives classic curls a softer, diffused curl look. “You want to apply it when the hair is completely wet and primed. Then work in sections so you don’t over use the product,” says Pendley. To make sure the product reaches every part of the curl, pull the hair smooth and work the product in with your hand. “Massaging the product into the hair renders it 67 percent more effective. The smoothing motion also closes the curl’s raised cuticle for frizz-free results.”
Ouidad VitalCurl Tress Effects Styling Gel is “our most holding gel,” says Pendley. “It creates perfectly defined curls that’ll stay in place up to seven days.” Apply immediately from the shampoo bowl, with completely wet hair. After the hair is primed, use the “Rake & Shake” method to distribute the gel from the scalp to the ends. “This gel sets the curls—just like our grandmother’s did with a roller set.”
Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy is the perfect heat-activated deep treatment for classic curls. “It has the eight amino acids and two proteins that smooth, reboot and kick start classic curls back into their natural, defined state,” says Pendley.