Learn How to Get This Boho Bridal Updo

Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa ambassador and founder of Sweetly Pinned (@caraleestyles), says whether a bride is going for romantic, dramatic or boho, it’s all about clean texture this spring. Frizz-free smoothing shampoos and conditioners, along with thermal round brushes, and curling and straightening irons will be needed to create that high polished texture. 

“Brides love the high shine, it’s something they don’t usually take the time to do themselves, so it makes them feel really special and beautiful…. plus, it looks amazing in photos!” explains Pridemore, who shares how to create a clean textured boho bridal bun.

Boho Bridal Bun

  1. Take 1" vertical sections and create curls all over using a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand 1”.
  2. At the crown area, use a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron to keep all of the sectioning clean and curl down the hair slice. Leave some of the pieces underneath straight for a more dimensional style.
  3. Use a texture spray or workable hairspray to create more grip in the hair and backcomb all over the crown area and front sections to build in volume.
  4. Section out face-framing pieces and set aside.
  5. Start working in the center and create twists all over the crown area, pinch and pull apart. 
  6. Create a low ponytail at the base.
  7. Create two twists and overdirect each section to create a bun and secure with pins.
  8. Use the Sleekr to compress base sections to create volume and dimension.
  9. Take the remaining face-framing pieces and use a Marcel iron to create curls. Separate curls and lay them over the crown area and bun to create more dimension and texture.
  10. Add a beautiful accessory.