A New Look and Logo Launched for Samson's Haircare

Samson's Haircare, the artisanal men’s hair care and beard care range, has recently unveiled its new packaging and logo. The brand’s new modern, simplified logo and packaging serves as a representation of the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, authenticity, and commitment to growth. The brand now has a more unified and distinct feel while maintaining the uniqueness of their individual products.

The unveiling of the new logo is a significant milestone for Samson’s Haircare. The company believes that its products should be accessible and appreciated by everyone— not just men. By adopting this new positioning, the company can build relationships with existing customers and cater to a broader audience and create a sense of cohesiveness throughout the range .

Samson’s Haircare collection offers an extensive range of products, spanning from shampoos and conditioners, to beard oils and hair pomades that works for all hair types and textures.

“We’re very excited about the logo and packaging change and the new direction we’re taking,” said Adam Muncy, co-founder of Samson’s Haircare. “People believed that if they don’t look like the previous logo that included a rendering of a bearded man that Samson’s isn’t for them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We work hard to formulate our products for all hair types and textures. We believe that by changing the logo people will be more open to experiencing all the benefits and amazing products that Samson’s offers.”

Using a simplified design is the perfect balance between the company’s history and its vision for the future. The updated logo will be implemented across all brand assets, including packaging, digital platforms, and physical locations.

For more information on other Samson's Haircare products, visit https://samsonshaircare.com/