5 Ways Clients Can Support Salons During COVID-19

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If your salon hasn't decided to close up shop just yet, maybe clients are cancelling appointments en masse—either way, "hands-on" businesses are taking a hit. There are still ways clients can offer their support. Phorest Software suggests 5 things you can ask your loyal clients to do. Make sure you post these ideas on your social media accounts, and send them to your clients via email, too!

Have an upcoming booking and are thinking of cancelling?

We appreciate that you may be concerned about going to your beauty and/or hair salon during this time. However, as long as you feel fit and healthy, are following the World Health Organizations (WHO) recommendations and respect that salons may have additional procedures in place (i.e. no hugs and washing hands before/after treatments), then you’re good to go. If you do feel unwell — then make sure to cancel but also, reschedule to a new date.

Give credit where due 

Let's face it; we all appreciate a compliment now and then, especially when it can lead to business growth. Online reviews are hugely important to salons' success, and for those looking for a new salon, reading the online reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp will be the first thing they do. So, if you've had an excellent service not so long ago, or if you've been to your salon for years and never posted a positive review online, do that now! This can make all the difference for when business picks back up.

Share that transformation!

Did your nail technician give you the prettiest manicure you’ve ever had or did your hairdresser give you the best cut? Make sure to take a photo and upload it to your social media accounts, showing them some love. (Make sure they tag you!)

Continue your engagement 

Make sure to continue to like, comment and share your salon’s social media posts. Social media engagements go a long way, especially in a time when a little extra support is needed. Use the hashtag #SupportYourSalon to join the Phorest movement to keep small businesses thriving.

Book that appointment!

What if your client is feeling a little unwell and won’t get the chance to pop into your salon for their usual treatment? Make sure you remind them to pre-book that appointment and get your salon’s schedule looking nice and full—your staff needs something to look forward to. Better yet, encourage them to download and use your own salon apps, meaning that they can conveniently pre-book while watching their favorite TV show.