CHI Launches Royal Treatment Hydrating & Volume Lines

CHI has announced the release of its new Royal Treatment Hydrating & Volume Lines. Containing nourishing ingredients to combat dryness and dullness, this moisturizing and volumizing system improves manageability, elasticity, volume and shine. Each product offers versatility and range across different hair types and textures.

Royal Treatment Hydrating is a two-piece hydrating system designed to combat dryness and revive dull, brittle hair. It uses nourishing ingredients to quench moisture-depleted hair with deep hydration and add softness. The collection’s shampoo and conditioner help to smooth hair and control frizz, improving manageability, elasticity and shine. They contain collagen to help promote healthy hair and help fight against the effects of hair aging from follicle damage.

Royal Treatment Volume is a three-piece volumizing system designed to give fullness and extra body and bounce to fine, flat hair. It is gently formulated to protect the integrity of fragile hair strands as well as fortify and strengthen the hair cortex to alleviate damage. Featuring a shampoo, conditioner and volume booster spray, the line controls oil to minimize buildup and residue while providing lightweight moisture without weighing down hair. It lifts hair away from roots and plumps fine strands from roots to tips with volume to restore movement and shine.

The products can also be retailed as take-home products to ensure hair’s health between services. The products use the same great trio of natural bond builders, moisture and fatty acids to maintain manageability, softness, strength and shine. Royal Treatment Hydrating & Volume features a Signature Complex designed to leave hair beautifully healthy. This complex utilizes white truffle, pearl, and aloe vera which contains vitamin B, amino acids and natural proteins. Plus, the entire line is free of sulfates and parabens. All Hydrating formulas include the Royal Treatment Signature Complex + Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid, while all Volume formulas include the Royal Treatment Signature Complex + Bamboo & Flaxseed Oil.

Royal Treatment Hydrating Shampoo

For all hair types, this shampoo gently cleanses and adds instant hydration to revive dry, dull and damaged hair. It seals in moisture and fortifies hair, leaving it stronger, softer and shinier.

Royal Treatment Hydrating Conditioner

For all hair types, this conditioner deeply penetrates the hair shaft to drench dry, parched strands with instant hydration. It seals in moisture and repairs the cuticle, fortifying hair and helping protect against humidity. It improves smoothness and enhances shine for more manageable hair.

Featured Hydrating Ingredients:

  • Collagen — It helps promote healthy hair and fight against the effects of hair aging from follicle damage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid — It’s a polysaccharide that is naturally produced in the body and is highly favored for its hydrating properties. It is able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water; it forms a thin film to prevent moisture loss, providing the ultimate moisture levels to hydrate the hair and skin, leaving it radiant and smooth.
Royal Treatment Hydrating
Royal Treatment Hydrating (CHI)

Royal Treatment Volume Shampoo

This lightweight cleanser plumps fine, flat hair with volume. It removes impurities and excess oil from hair and scalp to build extra body and bounce. It strengthens weakened hair and protects against damage. It also adds light moisture, leaving hair stronger, softer and shinier.

Royal Treatment Volume Conditioner

This conditioner takes your hair to new heights by plumping and expanding the hair fibers for fuller, thicker-looking hair. It restores moisture, volume and movement to fine, thin or flat hair. It strengthens weakened hair and protects against damage, leaving hair stronger, softer and shinier.

Royal Treatment Volume Booster

Perfect for fine, thin or flat hair, this spray lifts hair at the root for an instant voluminous look. It creates texture and provides long-lasting volume, body, and thickness to hair. This weightless spray offers a flexible hold for easy styling. After towel drying the hair, spray evenly throughout the hair and start blow drying for incredible volume and shine.

Featured Volume Ingredients:

  • Bamboo — Bountiful in Silica and Biotin, bamboo boosts hair’s strength and elasticity while also enhancing shine. It stimulates scalp and reduces hair breakage to promote longer, healthier-looking hair.
  • Flaxseed Oil — Rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and other nutrients, it moisturizes and nourishes to help promote stronger, healthier-looking hair with improved elasticity and shine.

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