Horst Rechelbacher's Intelligent Nutrients Rebrands to I-N

I-N(intelligent nutrients)

Intelligent Nutrients, a clean hair and skincare brand founded by Horst Rechelbacher (who also created Aveda and pioneered the clean beauty movement), underwent a reinvention. Changing its name to I-N, it's focused on plant science and chemistry, with an emphasis on plant-based ingredients, sustainability and aromatherapy, Horst's daughter Nicole Rechelbacher told Glossy.

The packaging is created with a range of post-consumer recycled materials or glass containers, and according to the product guide, it uses “biodegradable and biocompatible plant-based ingredients instead of synthetic-based ingredients whenever possible.”

The four fundamentals of I-N are:


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  1. Harnessing the power of plants.
  2. Sourcing only the purest, highest-performing ingredients from all corners of the world using only advanced, highly sustainable and ethical methods.
  3. Minimal, environmentally conscious packaging made of recyclable or post-consumer recycled materials.
  4. Creating every one of our high-performing, luxurious products without doing undue harm to the environment.


The new lineup is available to be carried by salons and spas, and is also direct-to-consumer. It can be found here.