Introducing Charcool: The Charcoal-Based Hair Lightening System

Charcool is being promoted as a new lightener that is redefining hair color through its new charcoal-based hair lightening range. Charcool delivers innovative hair-lightening solutions, using the power of natural ingredients to lift and address unwanted red, orange, and yellow reflections effectively. Crafted in Italy, Charcool aims to deliver quality hair color products that work for a wide range of hair types and desired lightening results.

Charcool is making its mark with colorists and salons by offering a new alternative to hair lightening and toning products. Whether your clients are seeking all over blonde transformations or subtle highlights, Charcool’s goal is to provide the latest technology, prioritizing maximum results, while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair during the process.

But how does it work? Charcool’s formulations incorporates vegetable activated charcoal, also known as ‘black diamond’, which contains essential nutrients such as B vitamins and antioxidants and offers a range of benefits like anti-aging effects, rebalancing, and restructuring properties that enable the finest toning and cooling in the hair. The product line also includes a certified oats extract, sourced from oats cereal, which has both moisturizing and soothing benefits that enhance skin and hair health.

The Charcool collection includes a thoughtfully crafted range of products, all featuring natural ingredients and being sulfate-free, paraben-free, and 100 percent vegan. The line includes:

Beyond Blonde Lightening Powder (500 g): A lightening powder capable of lifting hair up to 11 levels on a 12-level system. Featuring vegetable activated charcoal, it purifies and hydrates your hair while preventing brassy tones, leaving hair with a cool ice-blonde tone. The formula’s uniqueness lies in its ability to achieve pure lightening by effectively neutralizing any remaining pigments.

Beyond Blonde Shampoo (1000 ml): A shampoo that cleanses and tones, leaving hair with a shiny and shimmery surface. This shampoo is designed to infuse essential hydration to reveal a healthy and smooth blonde.

Beyond Blonde Mask (1000 ml): A post-blonding treatment that controls any yellow or orange tones for any shade of blonde. This formula rebuilds fragile hair bonds while imparting essential moisture, revealing beautiful, silky smooth blonde tones.

These products complement each other to counteract unwanted brassy tones and detoxify and strengthen the hair. While also helping clients achieve their desired hair shades and doing so without dryness or skin irritation.

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