Product of the Day: Davines Solid Shampoo Bars

(Davines Shampoo Bars)

Davines is expanding their Essential Haircare line with a new and even more sustainable way to wash hair. The MOMO, DEDE, LOVE and VOLU Solid Shampoo Bars are great for gentle daily cleansing on all hair types. When using, the bar's solid texture develops into a rich creamy foam during application to give added softness and shine. This plastic-free, low-impact, CO2 neutral option can provide up to 60% more washes (up to 40 washes) than traditional liquid shampoo bottles.


• 97.4 percent biodegradable

• Low pH delivers a gentle cleansing action to the hair without causing irritation

• Blend of conditioning agents creates a rich and creamy foam that gives softness to the hair

• Silicone, sulphate and preservative free

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