Product of the Day: Voesh Shower & Empower Vitamin C Shower Filter

Colorists with clients in areas with hard or unfiltered water, this one's for you. The Voesh New York Shower & Empower Vitamin C Shower Filter removes residual chlorine and other impurities from hard water to rejuvenate skin and condition hair. Vegan probiotics work to strengthen and regenerate the skin barrier, while oatmeal powder softens and soothes for healthy, glowing skin.

If that's not enought to get you recommending this to clients, the product just won the Cosmoprof  North America 2022 Beauty Award in the Natural and Organic category.

Voesh New York is a leadinb brands for head-to-toe vegan skincare for salons and retailers. All Voesh products are vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.