Dermalogica Launches New Course to Strengthen Human Connection

photo by targovcom/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Dermalogica has extended its professional training offering to now include Meaningful Connections, a free online course dedicated to strengthening Emotional Intelligence (EI) for skincare professionals. This industry-wide training course, developed in association with the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, helps strengthen client communication based on scientific principles of happiness and connection.

In a challenging year, human connection means business for salon professionals. In fact, it’s shown that brands who show superior customer experience bring in 5.7x more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience (Forrester).

Dermalogica recognizes that skincare professionals not only need to be well trained in traditional protocols including sanitization and product but also in emotional intelligence to better connect with clients and ultimately strengthen their businesses via a 360-approach.

This course follows the success of Dermalogica’s Clean Touch Certification (introduced in April 2020), a comprehensive course outlining safety and sanitization protocols in the COVID-19 era (protocol is based on its 12 principles of enhanced service safety). To date, over 40,000 skin therapists have completed the Dermalogica Clean Touch Certification worldwide. 

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