Perfect Corp. Upgrades Artificial Intelligence Skin Analysis Solution

Perfect Corp., an augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, has launched updates to their award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution. The new features build on Perfect Corp.’s existing photo-based skin analysis tool to offer skin analysis in real time through live video. The upgraded solution also allows skincare shoppers to receive accurate personalized skincare regimen and product recommendations, and offers a downloadable skin report with actionable tips. An updated cloud console was also introduced, giving skincare brands a fast path to deployment and a fully-customizable consumer frontend experience.

After the upgrade, Perfect Corp.’s state-of-the-art AI Skin Analysis Solution, verified by dermatology professionals, now includes:

  • Photo and live AR video skin analysis
  • Personalized skin report (downloadable through an automatically-generated QR code)
  • Actionable skincare routines and fully personalized product recommendations

Perfect Corp.'s new live video tool leverages the latest advancements in AI & AR technology, and AI machine learning to deliver an improved version of the holistic end-to-end solution. The technology works in live camera mode to identify issues within the skin in real time, and overlay these concerns on the live image of the user’s face. The real-time skin analysis technology leverages Perfect Corp.’s photo-based 14 skin concern detection to deliver live analysis of up to five skin concerns; spots, wrinkles, redness, texture and dark circles, with support of more concerns coming soon.

The new flagship skin analysis tool comes jam-packed with cutting-edge features and advanced engineering innovations, with the entire experience being optimized with speed, accuracy, and user-flow in mind. The solution offers real-time skin analysis with extra 15° wide side angle support, scanning the user’s face from both a frontal and profile view and allowing the user to move their head freely throughout the process.

Following the skin condition analysis, Perfect Corp.'s AI-powered solution recommends a unique course of treatment to target the issues identified. The new feature further elevates the consumer journey and delivers even more personalized recommendations. Personalized skincare routines can be configured by brands based on their product strength and specific usage instructions. The solution then generates a highly individualized skincare regimen and guides users to purchase the complete personalized set of products with just one click.

The newly improved solution now comes with a simple integration option to include a personalized skin report, skincare routine, and product recommendations. This plug-and-play feature ensures minimal effort for brands when integrating all three solutions into their website or mobile app. With no additional coding required, the complete skin analysis and product recommendation experience can be built into the brand's website in a flash.

In a recent report by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, professor of dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology was proven accurate at identifying skin concerns, displaying a 95 percent test-retest reliability rate. Furthermore, when compared to both physician assessments and industry-standard imaging devices, the results showed assessment correlation of over 80 percent for certain concerns, highlighting the increased speed and reduced cost of the solution.

The Real-Time AI Skin Analysis solution can be viewed on the Perfect Corp. demo store:


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