Color melting is one of my favorite ways to do corrective color and creates stunning contrast on washed-out hair.

Follow these tips for a successful career in blonding!

Trust me when I say that you're not the only one who feels scared or doesn’t understand where to start.

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For many clients, a blowout is the best part about a trip to the salon.

Mastering blonde toning means understanding the fundamentals of color. 

Ever since men's grooming started to skyrocket a few years ago, men of all ages are have been expressing themselves through their hair.

When you own a business, it's really important to have a certain environment that brings people together.

Cassandra Erickson (@blondebynoon) shares a complete guide to start and grow your brand in the new year.

While I receive most of my service requests through social media accounts, one of the most impactful sources of communication is a guest phone call.

We see a lot of girls with straight hair using dry shampoo, but what happens when someone with textured, curly hair uses it?