How Salons Are Handling Reopening: The North

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Salons in every neighborhood in the U.S. are being impacted by COVID-19 in some way. We recently asked our audience to complete a survey on how their business is faring (see those results here). To dive a little bit deeper, we polled a handful of salon owners in different regions of the country about how business is being impacted and the actions they're taking to open their doors. Up next: the North.


SALT Hair, Cheshire, Connecticut

Close Date: March 19


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Reopen Date: We planned on June 1, two weeks after our allowed opening date, due to the comfort of our team and clients. However, Connecticut’s governor pushed back salon openings to phase two or three, so we opened June 18.

Did you offer consultations/at-home color kits while closed? We did not. Thankfully, we have great relationships with our clients who understand our mission which is to not compromise their hair or satisfactory and the only way to ensure that, is if we (the professionals) are conducting the service.

Preparation process: Plexiglass was added to the front desk to protect our salon manager, clients must wait in their car until they are called into the salon, and we will be practicing all the sanitizing and safety requirements.

Reopening plan: We will be reopening in phases. The first month, importation hours will be limited, as will the number of clients a day. Out-of-state clients will not be allowed to book at this time. Any changes from there will depend on how our state is doing as a whole and how comfortable our team and clients are.

Cutler Salons, New York, New York

Close Date: March 14

Reopen Date: June 29

Did you offer consultations/at-home color kits while closed? Yes, and we left it up to stylists' and colorists' discretion how to best handle with their clients.

Reopening plan: We are looking to guidelines from the governor’s office. However, we have had Zoom staff meetings to open up a dialogue and brainstorm ideas for the best and safest path forward.