A Curl Expert Shares Dos and Dont's for Coloring Curly Hair

Curly Hair
Photo by javi_indy/iStock/Getty Images Plus

If you've ever worked with curly hair, there's a good chance you know the name Nubia Suarez The NYC-based salon is known for her tried-and-true RëzoCut, a dry-cutting technique that amplifies volume, and she's also an expert when it comes to all things curls. Here, Suarez shares her top dos & don'ts when it comes to coloring curls. 


  1. Incorporate hydration and moisture when coloring curls. It's essential!
  2. Use at least two lightening techniques in order for the color to be even.
  3. Use a clarifying treatment on the hair before lightening curly hair.
  4. Make sure curly hair is completely sectioned before you start to lighten it.
  5. Coloring curly hair too often can actually affect the curl pattern and result in looser curls and more fragile hair. Curly hair should only be colored every 3-6 months, depending on the texture. For type 2, every 3-4 months; type 3, every 5-6 months; type 4, twice a year.


  1. Lighten curly hair if the hair is at all compromised. The texture and integrity of curly hair should always be the top priority!  
  2. Don’t lighten curly hair with more than 20-volume developer.
  3. Don’t lighten curly hair using only one technique.
  4. Don’t lighten curly hair without a clear method of sectioning the hair before you start.
  5. Never put lightened curly hair under heat! This withdraws moisture and can cause serious damage.